holding onto gravity
The words that made our hearts flutter
"I love you," I miss you"
the words that crushed our worlds
"let me go"
can they be forgotten?
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starting from tomorrow, i will not regularly update this blog ;__; i’m going back to school on monday and this time i want to concentrate more on my studies because this semester is very crucial for me. anyway, i just want to thank all my followers and the people i met in tumblr, you know who you guys are!

anyway, i might be updating my twitter account, and i also have an ask.fm account, so you can drop by there!

thank you and see you soon, tumblr!

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Joonma  are you ok ?

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do you ever say something that actually took some courage to say and then the other person doesn’t reply how you wanted them to and makes you feel stupid so then you’re just so embarrassed and regret saying anything

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xiuhan getting their groove on ft. sexy awkward kris

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<< airport kris >>


<< airport kris >>

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“Look at her, she’s fallen into fear. She cant understand the situation before her eyes.”

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